Modern Design, Modern Furniture

Our company started manufacturing in Kayseri in 1986. It is one of the respected companies in the industry with different designs and a superior understanding of quality. Currently, sofa, armchair, bed and panel furniture are manufactured on 43,000 m2 of open and 25,000 m2 of closed space in the organized industrial zone of Kayseri.

Bessi Home spares no effort to offer the highest quality standards and to respond most effectively to customer expectations. In our industry, we strengthen our position by leading the way with new investments and R&D studies.

Bessi Home Furniture, which produces according to TSE and ISO 9001 standards, is taking decisive steps to become a global brand. With the help of technological furniture production, we manage to offer the best service at the lowest price.
Our Mission & Vision

It’s about making comfortable, aesthetic and environmentally friendly products.
To be the first association when it comes to high quality in the furniture market.

Our Quality Policy

Our quality management, as well as the constant adjustments to our processes, indicate that the products meet a high standard. We are also characterized by various partnerships from different countries.

Be Innovative and Energetic

A suitable analysis, such as Communication with customers, dealers and suppliers shows us trends to exceed demands and their requirements. Innovativity is achieved through continuous improvement of training activities and quality management to provide a noticeable benefit to our customers.